Thursday, May 08, 2014

Outdoor World

This was my first time at one of these big box outdoor hunting and fishing stores.  Outdoor World is a Bass Pro shop on steroids. This one just opened in November of last year in Colorado Springs. Very large, with massive amounts of stuff, most of which I will never need. They had a display of several marmota, but I did not think they looked like western marmots, and a salesperson said they weren't. Eastern groundhogs of the kind I routinely hunt. Massive gun counter at least 200 feet long, two solid aisles packed with bows, blinds of every kind, an entire aisle of predator callers and automated decoys for same, thousands of fishing rods, and an entirely separate store for fishing boats of every kind, from canoes to drift boats to jet skis and high-end bass boats. Worth the short stop!

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Daniel Gauss said...

they have the best heavy hiking socks.. under their own label.. Red Head.. About 12 bucks and worth every penny