Saturday, May 24, 2014

GPS for the Dog?

GPS for dogs has been around for a little while.  "WhistleGPS" does not seem to be anything too dramatically new, though it might be a bit cheaper (at $50 for preorder) than what is available now ($100), provided you are OK with delivery "sometime in 2015" (that could be 18 months away).  On the upside, this system has a $5 a month activation feel compared to a $12 a month activation fee for the other more expensive system cited.

MeanwhileI am still waiting for the folks from Tile to send me the passive tracker I shelled out $19 for 9 months ago. Emails from them tell me it will be coming "soon." I will report out when it comes, but it's only going to have a range of 100-150 feet. It's really designed to help folks find lost keys and cell phones in the house, but I think it might be useful with working terriers in the field. We shall see. On the upside, there is no monthly fee -- but it does run out of juice after a year.  At that point, you have to trade in the old one for a new one. and I assume some money is involved for the upgrade, new battery and replacement.

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