Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Mini-Educator Collar and Transmitter

A very preliminary off-leash walk around the local nature park with one of my own dogs made it clear that the Mini-Educator Collar is a pretty nice bit of kit.

An Educator transmitter and a regular clicker fit together easily in one hand, and it was a snap to send a vibration "tap" as a reminder, or to do a simple click-and-treat for reward. And yes, my other hand was FREE for a quick scratch or a piece of kibble (or to attach a leash if needed).

I never got to an actual stim; the collar vibration alone was enough to remind Mountain that we were not free hunting. More later, but first run out of the box and I am pleased.

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PBurns said...

I strongly recommend this smart, funny, and perceptive piece from Heather Houlahan. >>

Excellent reading!