Thursday, April 17, 2014

Darwin's Audition Tape

Back in January, when I was casting about
for a small rescue terrier for my mother, Darwin was a PetFinder prospect. My mother liked his blurry picture (see above) and his description (13 pounds), and she followed up with telephone calls and emails down to Morgantown, North Carolina.

What followed was much better than a few pictures:  it was a short video clip of Darwin in a noisy high-stressed (though very clean) shelter environment. Though this video was only 4 minutes long, it told me a lot.
What was I seeing, and what was I not seeing, that made me fairly sure this dog was going to fit in fine with my mother?

For the record, this dog month has been with my mother for three and a half month now, and everything I predicted has been spot on.  That's partly luck (true!), but this video gave me a lot of clues that suggested success was likely.

Bottom line:  Rescues need to do more with video.  It's as easy to take as a cell phone picture, and it's very easy (and free) to load to Youtube.

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