Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Gideon: A Self-Actualized Little Terrier

I am still reeling, but I am thankful for my friends and reminded of how many great people have stood for dogs.  

Gideon was a self-actualized dog, which is to say he was a terrier that lived and loved and who found his special place in field and forest. We should all be so lucky to find something we love as much as Gideon loved to hunt. The joy of a fully self-actualized dog is a joy to behold.

There is not much to say that can be said with words.  I am still hollow, but I know others have walked through far worse and so I am just putting one foot in front of another, same as everyone else. That said, this is a good readand I pass it on, as it was passed to me. Thanks Donald.


Shannon Gentry said...

Thank you, it is a good read, and also thanks for sharing all you do.

BeachDog said...

I would like to thank you and your amazing dogs for realizing that I was not giving my dogs the joy of self-actualization. They were pets, and I loved them, but I was not finding out what their passion was and then exploring that with them. I've been reading you for years, rarely commenting because I really felt I had little to add. That is what I've learned from reading about you and your dogs' many adventures, I discovered that my now dearly departed girl excelled as a hard working therapy dog, who absolutely loved nothing more than bringing joy and a wet nose to people who needed just that very thing (not something her breed is typically known for, but damn she was good at it). My current little firecracker of a dog, well it's been a hoot figuring out what she loves. Nosework and agility and bikejoring... and chasing ravens. You will find your footing again and introduce us to the an amazing, on the way to becoming fully self-actualized dog, and it will be a joy to read about your adventures.

Richard Gilbert said...

He seemed such a good little dog. Like our old Jack, my tribute to him here:


I will miss hearing of Gideon's adventures with you.