Monday, April 21, 2014

A Patch of Well-travelled Woods

Local nature center (bottom photo) with working forge (middle picture) and old log cabin (top). We have lots of wooded trails and creeks around. It's suburbia one stop light to Georgetown, with a bit of wild still left in it. Fox, raccoon and deer everywhere. 


Unknown said...

Where is it located?

Tim in McLean

PBurns said...

Arlington, VA. This is Zachary Taylor Nature Are which is only 44 acres, but it runs into Gulf Branch (37 acres) and Donaldson Run and their nature center at Potomac Overlook Regional Park (100 acres) which rolls down to 200 miles of woods along the river bordered by the Potomac Heritage Trail and extending up to Fort Marcy Park, Pimmit Run, Langley Oaks, Claude Moore Farm, Windy Run, Dead Run, Scotts Run, etc.