Monday, March 17, 2014

Seven Inches of Snow

It was above 60 degrees on Saturday, and above 50 on Sunday, but it dropped 7 inches of snow overnight.  Time to catch up on reading!


Curt said...

Just curious: As a man who obviously spends a lot of time in the woods, do you ever hunt for morel mushrooms? It's one of my favorite things to do in March/April and was curious if you do.

PBurns said...

I did when I was in college. Hunted Morels and Pleurotis Ostreatus in the Spring and almost everything else in the Fall. I actually do not like the taste of mushrooms much, but I very much liked the hunting and occasional ID issues. As you know, once you have 6-12 mushrooms species under your belt taxanomically, you tend to stay with those. Back in my youth, the only mushrooms you could get in the US were agaricus bisporus, so the fact that I could show up with loads of half a dozen others made my seem smarter and more of an exotic than I am.