Sunday, March 23, 2014

Digging on the Dogs

Nate and Anna and their dogs Moose and Pepper drove down from New York for a day in the field. An active fox sette was found, but no harm done. One fox probably bolted (the dogs went quiet, and then Mountain showed up at the hard-to-see exit in the forest), the other lightly harassed before we got Gideon out, leashed up the dogs, and moved on. Mountain had a small bite on his ear and nose, but Gideon got away without a mark.  Pepper, who is only 8-months old, went a few feet into the fox sette, so the penny is dropping there.  
On the next hole, the dogs located between three massive white oak trees.  A shallow dig to a small groundhog, but a very nearly perfect introduction to groundhog for Pepper.  We let this little fellow go -- a bit wiser for the experience.

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