Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

A Fatwa We Can Live With
In Indonesia, the Ulema council, a group of Muslim religious scholars and leaders, has declared a 'fatwa' against the killing of endangered species, saying that illegal hunting and wildlife trading is “unethical, immoral and sinful”.  

Out, Out Damn Spot
The secret sauce for getting blood out of your clothes and shit 
out of your carpet? Yes, this might be useful!  I am sure there are others, however.
Chicago Ends Pet Store Puppy Milling
Full applause to Chicago, which has outlawed the sale of commercially bred puppies in pet stores.  Beginning next March, all stores in the city will have to get their pets from government pounds, humane societies, or animal rescue groups rather than for-profit operations.  The poor AKC! Their economic model DEPENDS on puppy mill pet store sales. 
Filth and Vermin in the Spice Rack? Sage is even worse than pepper, with 2,000 insect fragments allowed per 100 grams!  

One More Animal That Is Not Extinct (Yet)
Roosevelt’s Barking Deer, unseen for 85 years, has been rediscovered in Vietnam.

Looking for Free Pics for Your Blog?
Getty Images has announced it will allow noncommercial websites and social media users to publish agency images at no cost using an “embed” tool.  The catch is Getty can take the photos down whenever they want to in the future, and they may even insert advertising in the future.

Same Sex Marriages Begin in England and Wales
England and Wales join Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Netherlands,  Portugal, and Belgium, as well as six other countries and 17 states (including such biggies as California, New York, and Illinois) in green lighting same-sex marriage.  Same-sex marriages are legal in Scotland beginning in October.  So far, however, no country in the world upholds all the Biblical definitions of marriage which include multiple wives, death for non-virgins, marriage after forced rape, and sexual slavery.

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