Friday, March 07, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

Dog Finds Gold Horde Buried in the Yard
A Northern California couple walking their dog on their own property stumbled across $10 million in rare, 19th Century mint-condition gold coins buried in 8 rusty cans under the shadow of an old tree.

HSUSA Did Something Right ... Are They Doing It Again?

Remember the HSUSA False Claims Act beef case which resulted in a $500 million judgment against a slaughter house, but very little collection?  Now a new red flag has popped up at the FDA regarding another slaughter house. In fact, it's 8.7 million pounds of red flags.  Has another FCA case been filed? In the interim., I think I'll have the salad!

The Electronic Condom?
In an effort to slow disease and population growth while keeping sex fun, the Gates Foundation has fudned a contest to make a better condom. One response is the "Electric Eel," an open-source digital condom designed to enhance pleasure for the wearer.  I can see the sales pitch already:  "No more floppy. Hard drive all the way.  Now with enhanced RAM."

Best Invasive Species Ever?
This is not a species I will be alarmed to see in the driveway.

Did Your Hand-held Catch a Virus?
If you catch HTML from putting a Python in your ASP, don't come to me for medicine!

Whole Foods Rots the Brain
The aisles of Whole Foods and the health section of The Huffington Post are nuttier than creationists and climate change deniers.  Stay away!

Marx Brothers Come to Life
In 1993, a man named Victor Bernal, the director of zoos and parks for the Mexican state of Mexico (yes, Mexico has a state named Mexico) tried to smuggle a gorilla from Miami to his home district. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service set up a sting operation to nab the crooked director -- by having an agent dress up in a gorilla costume.  Bernal took the bait, purchasing the "gorilla" for $92,500, and ending up on the wrong end of an arrest warrant.

Cordwood Porn
I like the look of cordwood construction. This site has some pretty good stuff.

A "Back Door" Return to Foxhunting in the U.K.?

Prime Minister David Cameron has said there will be a fresh vote to expand fox hunting with dogs from 2 dogs (now legal to flush fox and for terrier work on shoots) to 40.

99 Problems
We finally have a list of America's 99 problems, properly ranked.  
When I run for Atayollah, Monarch, President, I will mill this list to make planks for my platform . My campaign slogan will be "real solution for real problems that real people really have." The strap line will be "99 problems, but leadership ain't one." I will promise everyone free Wi-Fi forever.


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