Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Selling Respiratory Distress Using Kennel Club Dogs

How do you sell sleep apnea masks?  

Well, one way to go is to show your masks being used by animals with respiratory distress.  Over at the "Easy Breathe" web site they are selling sleep CPAP continuous positive airway pressure masks fit for an English Bulldog, noting:

There is only one breed of dog that is known to suffer from sleep apnea – the bulldog, or what is most commonly known as the English Bulldog. With a short snout, underbite and loud, rumbling snoring when they sleep – and plenty of snorting when they are awake – bulldogs seem custom made for the sleep disorder.... We’re pretty sure that if a bulldog were looking for a CPAP mask, we’d recommend the all-new Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask System, which is a gel nasal pillow mask that allows for maximum comfort  – also, bulldogs have big snouts, so this mask is perfect to allow the most relief. 

Right.   They even make a CPAP machine that comes with a Georgia Bulldogs logo -- the University whose mascot keeps dying from respiratory distress.

So in addition to the age-old asking -- Does that Bulldog come with a rape rack? -- we should also ask whether it also comes with a CPAP machine? Nice!

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