Monday, January 02, 2017

The Shit Shovel

Dedicated.  Ancient. Used every day.

If you write about dogs and wildlife, not all of the crap comes from the dogs. Show ring pretenders will show up, along with instant experts, animal rights vegans, bible-thumpers, food-faddists, wanna be dog fighters, price-gouging veterinarians, animal hoarders, puppy peddlers, left wing kooks, right wing kooks, gun nuts, paranoids, alternative medicine quacks, anti-science cranks, racists, and Luddites.  

Of course, their opposite shows up as well; genuine people who are right-sized and always learning, who put the dogs first and the work first, who never let theory trump experience, who are selling nothing and giving away quite a lot. 

America is full of such people, even if they are often overlooked because they are not loud, demanding and self-seeking.  

Remember the good and look for it.  It is almost always there.

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