Sunday, April 02, 2017

Resource Conservation in Europe

The Europeans, which are generally behind us in wildlife conservation, are generally ahead of us in resource conservation.

On this last point, nowhere is this more evident than in the bathrooms, where there are two buttons, one for the "big flush" and one for the "little flush". Thousands of gallons a year are saved with a simple switch that recognizes there are two, very different, bodily functions.

Another huge savings occurs in electrical energy, as hotel lights are often on timers or motion sensors, and the key to the room may also connect to the light circuit, so if you leave your room you cannot leave on your lights.  Perfect!

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The Midland Agrarian said...

Per my friend Joe Jenkins, author of the Humanure Book, I would be like to see more toilets that do not take perfectly clean water and foul it with urine and feces. THAT would be resource conservation.