Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Boned Bird Dogs... and Barack

This is a picture of Joker and Duke, two pointers that my grandfather had in Augusta, Kansas back in 1937. 

Back then Pointers were a great deal more massive than they are today, as they were bred to work with men riding horses. 

That's my mother between the two dogs.

Another young lady living in this same small Kansas town at the same time was Madelyn Lee Payne, Barack Obama's grandmother, and the woman who raised Barack from the age of 10 onward.

The 1935 census says my Grandfather, Robert E. Dunlop, was the "still man" at the local refinery and he was making $496 a month, which seems to have made him more skilled and better paid than his immediate neighbors. The house they lived in, at 1223 Ohio Street, was worth $4,500 at the time.

Rolla Payne, Madelyn Payne's father, is listed as a "bookkeeper for an oil company" --  no doubt the same refinery as the one where my grandfather worked. 

Augusta, Kansas was an oil company refinery townThe Payne's lived at 1136 State Street, only six and half blocks away from my mother and my grandparents. 

Like my grandparents, the Paynes were Methodists.  Being devout, they no doubt attended the only Methodist church in town along with my grandmother.  My grandfather was not much for church attendance!

Bottom line:  It's a small and very interconnected world, and there have always been hunting dogs in it! 

Today, Barack Obama and I live and work within a few miles of each other. 

Really, I think we should meet, don't you?!

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Robin said...

You abslutely should meet with Barack! Hey, I love your blog! good job.