Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Foxes

No harm done to this little fellow, who was rolled back into the den some years back. An old picture. I cannot remember who was with me this day, but clearly someone was holding the camera.



seeker said...

I see you handling all kinds of critters and wonder what shots you give your dogs and yourself. Do you give them all the various innoculations or do you skip some. Rabies I know is a must for the dogs but how about rattlesnake, lepto, parvo, etc. And yourself as well. I don't hunt but things insisting on committing suicide in my yard.

Debi and the 3 TX JRTs

PBurns said...

The dogs get their first year's worth of shots and nothing more other than rabies every three years. See >> I dose them with Ivermectin for heart and other worms three or four times a year. The same Ivermectin that treats heartworms treats roundworms. I do not treat for other worms unless seen -- they are relatively rare.

As for myself, I have only been bit once, by a small raccoon which, due to its small size I did not respect enough. Lesson learned! I washed out that barely-a-small-puncture wound with water and that was that. I know some trappers and dog men who get the prophylactic rabies shot, but that does not save you anything if you are really bit -- you will still need the full workup of 4-6 shots anyway.

I do not worry too much about wildlife killing me. The dangerous things are the drivers on the road leading to the farms, and my own stupidity at pushing myself too hard in the heat or cold. I am getting smarter on that last score too. Still alive, in any case.