Friday, February 08, 2013

Coffee and Provocation

Can Tobacco Cure Rabies?
A genetically altered version of the tobacco plant may be the pathway to an inexpensive cure for rabies.

Homeopathic Money?
You can make your own homeopathic money
and use it to buy homeopathic medicines. Detailed instructions are provided, but there's an even simpler method: Pull out a $20 bill, punch a hole in the bill with a hole punch, give the round chad to the vendor, and ask for your change back. Please be advised that in order to process our BULK freeze-dried veterinary medicines as efficiently as possible, however, we only take electronic wire transfer through PayPal.

Great Tits Go on Murdering Rampage!
A true story of blood lust and deviant psychopathology.

Evolution Gone Mad?
Has evolution gone made? No, not really. It's just having a little fun.

Mandatory Dog Chipping in UK?
The folks in the U.K. are now going to mandate micro chips to be embedded in all dogs.

It's the Goddamn Internet!
NPR notes that: "At some point in the last few decades, the human race went from being a species that is active most of the time to one that is increasingly sedentary. The Lancet called it an "inactivity pandemic," responsible for 1 in 10 deaths worldwide."

Can We Blame Rats for Tooth Decay?
The bacterium in our mouth may have come from rats.  Read all about it here.

Wonder where I found those pulp magazine covers I put up yesterday?  I made them, and you can make your own cool covers too!

Need a Quick Conspiracy Theory?
Are you looking to be the center of attention at the next Tea Party conference? Just click and reload until you find a conspiracy theory you like!

Blame the Earthworms for Global Warming?
Sure, why not?  They can't fight back can they?  And yes, earthworms really are on the move, as any close reader of this blog knows.

Your Right to Bear Arms Includes Drones, Right?
No, I am not talking about a small drone you got on Amazon that carries a Go-Pro camera.  I am talking about a Chinese-made killer drone that you can order off the Internet and that is capable of flying a small bomb straight into the offices of the National Rifle Association. That would be totally wrong, of course, so do don't do that.

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