Monday, February 22, 2016

Boomerang Slide Tag Collars for the Field

Boomerang Slide Tags. . . . they do not dangle and they do not wear out. They go on single-thickness flat collars (leather or nylon) or snap-clip adjustable nylon collars, or double-thick flat collars, depending on what version you order.

You can order just the slide tag, or you can order a slide-tag-and-collar set. The snap collars, for the record are first rate. You cannot go wrong ordering a collar-and-slide tag set.

The slide tags do not come off. They stay where you put them, and the stainless steel engraving is deep and does not wear off.

I have slide tags on six sets of collars for the dogs (including my locator collars), and also a slide tag on my son's Pitbull, as well as a small slide tag on my house and car keys (because people will return your keys if you give them a phone number to help them out).

Remember that a microchip in your pet is a secondary form of identification.

Your dog's primary ID should be a solid collar and a slide tag that is easy to read and will not come off.

No tag is better than a slide tag. None.

My small collar tags have my web site URL ( as well as cell phone number and email (which also comes to my cell phone as well as home computer).

Boomerang Slide Collar Tags come with a simple guarantee:
We guarantee our CollarTags to last the life of the pet they are purchased for. If the text ever wears off or becomes illegible, or the tag falls off the collar, the tag will be replaced free of charge. There will not be any "bogus" shipping or handling charges to get your replacement tag either.

Enough said. They take credit card and PayPal, and they ship 'em out to you fast. What are you waiting for??


Lewis_Moon said...

Cerb wears one an so do I. Good for humans who can't carry a wallet while training on the bike.

Cassandra Was Right said...

My dogs' Boomerang tags have gotten them back home many times in several different countries. One of the many great things about these tags is that you can put any text you want on them, so when I live overseas, I can enter the local phone number and address, which never follow US standards.
I also have them on my horses' halters and bridles, in case they get out or I lose one of them in the field.

The Doubtful Guest said...

I only use Boomerang Tags, and I recommend them to all my students. They produce a quality product that won't break the bank. Even their plastic hang tags last for years on pet dogs.

geonni banner said...

Boomerang tags rock. Lucky for me, my dog has never needed one to get home, but the slide tag eliminates the clang, clang, clang on the water bowl, and the engraving never becomes illegible.