Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to Missouri

Yes, they gave these people guns.

Feel better now?

This video was recently filmed at a pro-gun rally held at the Missouri State Capitol.  This is the Tea Party, folks.  Nuttier than squirrel shit, paranoid, delusional, and simply making stuff up left, right and center.   Wall-pounding, howling at the moon crazy.


boct said...

"..I'm a submissive wife and my husband allowed me to speak.." Not a direct quote, but something along that convention. Hey, everyone's chanting agreement for the right to weapons unconditionally..but not so much the right to speak for all.

"I have spirit..I have spirit..I have for coco-pops..I have crazy for coco-pops..I am crazy for coco-pops..I am crazy for coco..I am crazy..I am crazy.."

Not the most endearing thing to do..making fun of others with alternatives views but if one wags the butt end of their intellect I can't help but laugh at their ass..

Mary Paddock said...

Please don't measure us all by the same yardstick.

--Mary Paddock
Shell Knob, MO

PBurns said...

No danger there, Mary. I have a lot of good smart, caring, compassionate friends in Missouri, plus I'm from VIRGINIA, where we have far worse. The title of this one was actually a razz to my Northern Virginia friends who live in Missouri. Not sure they have seen it yet.