Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raccoons Vs. Coyote

What sparked these combative raccoons? Look closely at what the coyote appears to be eating.


Peter Apps said...

That squirrel is so heavy it must be made out of depleted uranium !

I don't know as much about racoon behaviour as I should - would this be a mated pair working together ?

Thanks for showing.

Peter Apps

TEC said...

Looks like a squirrel tail to me. Could it be that the raccoons were originally chased off the squirrel by the coyote, and they were merely reclaiming their find? It is a little puzzling to see that type of combativeness in the wild.

PBurns said...

At 0.7 I see what I think are stripes on the tail, which might mean a baby raccoon (or part of a raccoon), perhaps frozen to the ground. Those two things might explain both the anger of the raccoon if the den was right there nearby, and also the coyote having a hard time busting it loose. The raccoons are clearly PISSED.