Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Move Closer To the Rhino"

This is the last picture taken of Chantal Beyer before a black white rhino at a South African game park penetrated her through the back, collapsed her lungs, and broke her ribs.

The last words she heard were from the game park owner who was taking pictures and suggested she “stand just a little bit closer” to the two rhinos just behind her.

A remind that Mother Nature suits up everyday and always bats last.  The Darwin Project is always looking for volunteers, and the tree of life is often self-pruning.
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[. Raven .] said...

Those are white rhinos, not black rhinos. You can tell by the horns and the lips. White rhinos have broad, flat lips and smaller, wider horns while black rhinos have v-shaped hooklike upper lips an larger narrower horns. Just trying to help!

People need to stop messing around with the wildlife or someone else is going to be killed...

PBurns said...

Corrected! THANKS!