Friday, January 04, 2013

Buy Freeze-Dried Homeopathy in Bulk and Save!

Do you believe in homeopathy?

Then I want to make you a Very Special Offer, available only to readers of this blog.

You could spend $10 plus an additional $6 shipping on Newton Homeopathics Eye Care for Dogs and Cats, or...

You could spend $10 plus an additional $6 shipping on Newton Homeopathics Natural Remedy for Dogs - Flea & Bug Bites, or...

You could spend $10 plus an additional $6 shipping on Newton Homeopathics Parasite for Dogs and Cats, or...

You could spend $10 plus an additional $6 shipping on Newton Homeopathics Scoot Stopper for Dogs and Cats, or...

You could spend $33 for Homeopathic Ear Dr., or...

You could spend $23 on Homeopathic AmazaPet Formula, or...

You could spend $23 on Homeopathic Flatulence Preventer, or ...  

YOU COULD BUY IN BULK AND TREAT YOUR WHOLE KENNEL with the amazing SECRET ingredient that is the KEY to all homeopathic medicine!


How can I save you so much money? 

Simple:  I ship in BULK, and because I freeze-dry the essential essence, all you have to do is ADD DISTILLED WATER.

Bulk + Freeze Drying = BIG SAVINGS for you!

My Freeze-dried Essence of Homeopathy health kit is enough to treat 50 dogs, and costs you only $50!

The secret ingredient is Di-Hydrogen Monoxide, which is an essential part of canine eye and ear mechanics, muscle tissue, brain balance, skin healing, and the canine and feline digestive system. 

Our Freeze-dried Essence of Homeopathy is absolutley pure and has not been adulterated.  We ship the product directly to you.

Freeze-Dried Essence of Homeopathy

Just click on the link below to pay.

Please let us know if you have a dog that weighs 1-20 pounds, 20-50 pounds, or a dog that weighs larger than 50 pounds.  If you have different sized dogs, you may need to buy the right dosage for each dog.

Also available, while supplies last, our award-winning publication (copies signed by the author!):

"Dog Food Secrets 'They'
Don't Want You To Know About"

Just click on the link below to pay.

This Very Special Offer is available only to readers of this blog.  

Rush now and SAVE! 

Order before Midnight, and I will give you an extra 20%!


Heather Houlahan said...

How large a bulk order do I have to buy before you actually don't have to ship anything to me?

Also, I want to caution pet parents about following through on treatment. Remember, if you stop the homeopathic treatment, your dog will overdose.

PBurns said...

In perhaps an over-abundance of caution, I never ship more Dihydrogen Monoxide than will treat 500 dogs (10 orders) in one year, as Dihydrogen Monoxide, like any medicine, can be abused.

While Dihydrogen Monoxide is an essential element of life and treatment at the doses I recommend will only stimulate the lungs, digestive tract, brain, blood, and encocrine systems, as well as provide an extra doze of vitality in reproduction, it is true that Dihydrogen Monoxide can kill if given in massive doses or in the wrong way. Our product is fully labeled, however, and I am pleased to say that we have NEVER had an illness caused by our product, much less a mortality.

Our product is also not habit forming, unlike some other competitor products. Your dog or cat can quit using our labeled form of Dihydrogen Monoxide at any time, and no harmful effects will ensue -- just feed and water your dog as before.

That said, are you feeding your dog the RIGHT food?

I have friends who have fed their dogs the WRONG food, and their dogs have died of cancer, ataxia, renal failure, and vehicle impact, which is why I wrote my award-winning publication: "Dog Food Secrets 'They' Don't Want You To Know About".

As a special offer, folks that place a double order for Dihydrogen Monoxide (enough to trear 50 dogs for two years!) will get a FREE signed copy of this publication, which is an $85 value!

Sean said...

I have read that your Dihydrogen Monoxide will aid in the digestion of the protein in my Royal Canin Shih Tzu 24 dog food. I hope this is true as at $41.39 for a 10lb bag, I want to be sure to get all we can from it.

Also, a warning. Make sure you keep that stuff out of the reach of kids. My youngest drank some by mistake and a week and a half later he developed a mean cold.

Water Over The Dam said...

OOH how exciting! As soon as I cancel that check to Mr. Kevin Trudeau, I'll order a big ol' batch!

Federico said...

Is it the 1st of April yet? Jesus I did not realise...

Rick said...

If I provide my own water truck, can you cut me a better deal?

boct said...

Can I over dilute? I have heard that one can 'stretch' the dosage by over constituting by 25% but no more than 36.72% (something to do with molecule desperateness??).
I understand you are in business to sell and make profit (all well and good) but I also sense your integrity and hope you could offer the most in practical advise for what could be a very valued customer.
Thank You..baah..baa

dp said...