Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Electronic Dog Nose

The eyes are the window to the soul,
but the nose is the window to the hole.

A new miniature device is said to be inspired by the canine nose, and can sniff out any programmed airborne chemical to the parts per billion level.  The folks at SpectraFluidics, who made the mechanical dog nose see it being used for not just explosive detection, but also for disease diagnosis, narcotics detection, and even spotting spoiled food.


Water Over The Dam said...

I think it is very important to spend bazillions on developing an artificial dog nose so that we don't need to have dogs around.

Jenn said...

This is great.

I can't wait for the technology to trickle down so that homeowners will know for sure that their air vents are in need of cleaning and offices can be accessed for potential airborne risks to the people who work there.*

Science is awesome.

*having just spent Wednesday afternoon in one long wheeze after walking through an aerosol cloud outside the restroom, I have a vested interest in seeing products like this hit the general marketplace.

Airborne pollutants suck. And if something can measure parts per million? I can make a state that the danger exists (or in this case, the product is being overused)