Friday, November 30, 2012

Good News

Today, there's no reason
for tall tales and fables.

Thank God..


Jenn said...

: )

Richard Gilbert said...

More need than ever, actually. Our species is in a long process of trying to learn to talk about, in a new way, what those "tale tales and fables" were also trying to get at. They were probably never as literal anyway as we seem to suppose, but our minds are currently too metaphorically crude to see them any other way.

PBurns said...

The problem of course is that Jesus did not tell tales of mysogeny, but the current Catholic hchurch is built on it. Flowing directly from that is the current pope who made his career on sweeping the Catholic church's widespread pedophilia rings under the rug. And of course, the papacy has been at the cutting edge of killing people in the developjng world by denying access to contraception. The Good News is that morality has nothing to do with repressed men wearing women's dresses and morality is hardly dependent on any church, mosque, synagogue or ashram.

Seahorse said...

Well said, Terrierman.