Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coffee and Provocation

I am at least 2% Neanderthal.
Admit it.  You always suspected.
Fat no more? 
Count me in, but I still need to save money.  I found this terrific deal on a
treble set of stuff needed for gastric bypass surgery, but I need two patients to practice on before I actually do it to myself. 
Yes, you will have to sign a waiver.
The predatory Mr. Jefferson. 
No, he did not free his slaves, at least not while he was alive.  Instead, he
bred them like farm animals and counted the profits at 4% per annum even as he beat his slave children so they would produce more nails for sale.  Why, what else did you expect? 

Wait for it.... wait for it...

Subsidize PBS to the tune of $1.35 a year to produce really good shows with no ads when I could be paying $40, $80 or $120 dollars per month to see Honey Boo Boo loaded up with commercials?  Hard to decide... hard to decide.

Why my dogs do not have free access to the house.
They have the yard, the garage, dog houses inside and outside, with heat and airconditioning.  And they get let in at night and for regular ball tosses.  But am I letting them near the pillows completely unsupervised?  Not on your life.

I buy custom prescription glasses at the price of two pairs for $100, frames and lens included.  If you pay a lot more, here's how you are being screwed, and by whom. 

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