Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dog Balls with the IPhone 5

No, not bollocks.  Throwing balls for the dogs.  No, not the most interesting picture, or the best shot, but the first

And YES, for the first time in my life I am on the cutting edge of technology, having bought an Apple IPhone5 on the first day of issue.  I showed up at the local Apple Store at noon, and was out the door with the purchase about 50 minutes later.   I have no idea what those fools who camped for a week were doing.  I simply rolled over my Sprint plan as I was two months out of contract.

The I-5 phone seems to work, but it not yet life changing.  Basically, it has all the features of my Android phone.  I am hoping it is a bit more reliable and easier to use (the screen is bigger), but we will see.  The two features this new phone has that the Android did not is a very nice movie feature and a panoramic photo feature as well, plus the camera resolution is much higher (8 megapixels whatever they are).  I am still setting the phone up with the right "aps," etc., but I got Gmail up and that's half the battle.  I do not have music on it yet, but that would be nice to add.  Maybe later today.

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Allen said...

I got mine yesterday also. Got an action shot of my dog running the fence at the dog park this morning. He's turning around in the photo and barking.