Saturday, September 08, 2012

Perfect Petzzz for Romantics and Pretenders

As I have noted in the past, dogs are over sold:

Do you really want a dog? This is the first question that needs to be asked. You see, most people want a puppy; they do not want a dog. A puppy is cute and triggers both maternal and paternal instincts. They seem like no problem at all. A dog, on the other hand, will get you up at the crack of dawn, will bark in the back yard, will eat your couch, and may occasionally urinate or defecate on your rug. Here's a test: If you will not consider getting an adult dog from a local shelter or over-stocked breeder, you do not want a dog. You want a puppy. And what you need is a cat.

Nows comes the perfect solution when even a cat is too much:  Perfect Petzzz, an animated puppy that "just fell asleep," and in which "the tummy actually goes up and down as they realistically 'breathe'".

They come in in two dozen "just like" breeeds.  Every puppy comes with a puppy carry bag, brush, bed, adoption certificate, and a pet container-style box.  The puppies "breathe" for 2-3 mos. using just 2 D batteries.

Now available from Amazon:

  • Cavalier King Charles Animated Puppy
  • Schnauzer Animated Puppy
  • Bully Bulldog AnimatedPuppy
  • Pug  Animated Puppy
  • Golden Retriever Animated Puppy
  • Black Labrador Retriever Animated Puppy
  • Border Collie Animated Puppy
  • Boston Terrier Animated Puppy
  • Rottweiler Animated Puppy
  • Chocolate Lab Animated Puppy
  • Mutt  Animated Puppy
  • Chihuahua  Animated Puppy
  • Yorkie  Animated Puppy
  • Corgi  Animated Puppy
  • Jack Russell  Animated Puppy
  • Shih Tzu  Animated Puppy
  • Cocker Spaniel  Animated Puppy
  • Portuguese Water Dog  Animated Puppy
  • German Shepherd  Animated Puppy
  • Lassie Collie  Animated Puppy
  • Primar Donna Poodle  Animated Puppy
  • Alaskan Husky  Animated Puppy
  • Beagle  Animated Puppy

1 comment:

Jemima Harrison said...

Ya missed this comment on the Amazon reviews:

"This Pug is very cute AND the one I received was extremely noisey. The motor rattled loudly..."

More realistic than one might ever have imagined.