Tuesday, August 14, 2012

29 Questions You Cannot Ask Mitt Romney

  1. You cannot ask to see either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan's tax returns.
  2. You cannot ask about Bain Capital and all those jobs that Mitt Romney and his buddies sent to China and India.
  3. You cannot ask about Mitt Romney's record in Massachusetts.
  4. You cannot ask about Paul Ryan's budget.
  5. You cannot ask about Romney and Ryan’s support for the Bush tax cuts which bankrupted the nation.
  6. You cannot ask Mitt Romney about his Swiss bank accounts or the ones he has in the Cayman Islands.
  7. You cannot ask about Mitt Romney’s flip flopping on guns and abortion.
  8. You cannot ask about the unfortunate incident of Mitt Romney’s sick and terrified dog strapped to the roof of his car while he drove from Boston to Canada.
  9. You cannot ask about the failure of Mitt Romney to pay any taxes at all for 10 years.
  10. You cannot ask about the dancing horse or the hefty tax subsidies Mr. Romney uses to support his dancing horse.
  11. You cannot ask about Mr. Romney’s house with an elevator for his cars.
  12. You cannot ask about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plans to kill Medicare and Medicaid.
  13. You cannot ask about Mr. Romney’s jaw-dropping gaffes in the Middle East.
  14. You cannot ask about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s –plans to privatize Social Security.
  15. You cannot ask about the complete absence of a plan to create American jobs.
  16. You cannot ask about the complete absence of a plan for Afghanistan. 
  17. You cannot ask about their continued ramp up for wars that we are not fighting or are trying to wind down.
  18. You cannot ask when they would bring the troops home.
  19. You cannot ask about how little taxes would be paid by Mr. Romney under Mr. Ryan’s tax plan.
  20. You cannot ask about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s opposition to contraception, their opposition to in vitro fertilization, and their support for invasive gynecological tests at the order of the state.
  21. You cannot ask what legislative bills Congress Paul Ryan got passed in his 17-year tenure in Washington.
  22. You cannot ask why Mitt Romney will not carry Massachusetts this fall.
  23. You cannot ask about Mormonism or Planet Kolob.
  24. You cannot ask about the federal bailout that Mitt Romney asked for in order to keep “his” winter Olympics going.
  25. You cannot ask Paul Ryan if he think he “built that” when, in fact, Social Security survivor benefits paid for him to go to college.
  26. You cannot ask about the GOP campaign to disenfranchise millions of old, young, black, and working voters.
  27. You cannot ask about the mysterious $100 million that showed up in Mitt Romney’s tax-free IRA account.
  28. You cannot ask Mr. Romney how many houses he has.
  29. You cannot ask Mr. Romney how many illegal aliens he has hired to take care of those houses.

    Don't ask... they won't tell!


jeanie beth Cooper said...

If Romney were to win, I wonder if he will be sworn in on the "Book Of Mormon" rather than the KJV Bible?

If Obama had been Mormon at the time of his election, that is all we would have heard from the evangelical right wingers & Fox News for 4 years. Many of these idiots still believe he is Muslim and they actually believe he was sworn in on the Koran.

I'm amazed at the some of the evangelicals who are now actually "ashamed" that their "Golden Boy-GOP Poster Boy" is a Mormon and some of them are saying here in Texas, "Well, hell, I don't care if he is an atheist, just so long as he gets the job done." (Spitting tobacco and wiping it off their chin as they say it, all the while wishing it were Ron Paul that got the nomination..."

Yeah right Redneck, I wonder if you would have said that back in 2008 had Obama been an atheist??


Karen said...

You forgot the most important question. Does Mittens wear the Mormon Magic Underwear.

PipedreamFarm said...

or how much the spending cuts pushed by Ryan and his buddies have added to the unemployment rate.

Analyses I have seen indicate the cuts slowed the debt increase and added 1 percentage point to unemployment.