Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Which Romney are You For?

WHICH ROMNEY ARE YOU FOR? Gun grabber or NRA brown-noser? Flip or flop?

Are you for the Mittens Romney that liked ObamaCare before Obama, or the one that now wants to toss 3.1 million kids off of their parents health insurance?

Are you for the Mittens Romney that claims he's a job creator... but who forgot to say that those jobs were in China and India and Mexico?

Are you for the Romney that "saved" the Olympics with a government bail out, or are you for the Mittens Romney that does his banking in the Caymans and Switzerland?

Are you for the Romney that tithes to his church which believes that Jesus-Is-a-Space-Alien living on the planet Kolob, or are you for the Mittens Romeny that does not pay his fair share of taxes?

Are you for the Romney that was in favor of an assault weapons ban before some lunatic shot up a town in Colorado, or you for the Mittens Romney who is now opposed to an assault weapons ban because he will say anything to get elected?

Flip or flop? Which Romney are you voting for?

Are you voting for the Romney that Massachusetts put in before they knew what he was like, or the one they will now not touch with a 10-foot pole because he left them broke, busted, and with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation (47th worst)?

Yep. Massachusetts residents are not voting for Romney.

His own state. The people who know him best. Think that over....


PBurns said...

Or are you simply voting for The White Guy whoever that is?

Seahorse said...

I think it's as simple as that: The White Guy. No matter the lie/cheat/steal/animal cruelty/whacky religion/bail-out-the-olympics-with-government-money truth of the White Guy, it's all better than The Other.