Monday, July 30, 2012

Westminster Dog Show on Acid

"The Westminster Dog Show is a hellscape packed to the gills with Midwesterners and dogs who receive more attention and have better lives than at least 40 percent of the world. The amount of misplaced love and resources funneled into these pooches on a daily basis is enough to make a stone-cold sober person uneasy. But yesterday I discovered that being thrust into the middle of the whole ordeal, while tripping acid, is a great way to kill an afternoon." - Vice

The article and video (see links above) is from Vice, a web site I have never heard of, but which seems to be having fun.

My generation grew up with LSD.   It was that marvelous period of time after the birth control pill, but before HIV/AIDS, and after the arrival of reefer, but before the advent of crack cocaine. We not only inhaled, we never exhaled.

Owsley Stanley, the former sound mechanic for The Grateful Dead, briefly attended my high school before he droppped out, and he later went on to make most of the LSD that folks were dropping in the late 1960s, 70s, and up until the early 1980s, before he split for Australia. He died in Australia last year, the victim of an auto accident, at the age of 76. He was a legend, and I knew people who knew him. Less than three degrees of separation, if you know what I mean.

The stuff knocking around the zoo today is pretty tame stuff compared to what we had 35 years ago. Today, 80 mics would be considered a massive dose. Try 600 mics, and you are likely to lose part of your heat shield upon re-entry. Just sayin'.

A dog show on acid? Whooeee.

The dogs would not be the problem -- it would be the people. Mixing acid and uptight pricks with ego disorders is something I would never advise. Dog shows are a pretty bad trip when you are straight.  On acid?   No way!   As Nancy Reagan put it, just say "No."


Seahorse said...

I dunno, trippin' at the AKC might make it bearable, or with enough Mickey Mouse paper on your tongue, FUN!

Seahorse ;)

boct said...

And to think no dogs or uptight pricks were bludgeoned by microphone...huh

Water Over The Dam said...

"dogs who receive more attention and have better lives than at least 40 percent of the world"…what does THAT mean? Kill the dog and import a Bangladeshi to curl up next to the couch? WTF? A guy that blogs about recreational drugs is indignant about pampered dogs? How New York.

Here's an idea, get this guy off "quirky" degrading news and recreational drugs and into fighting the wealthy-world anti-birth control fanatics who limit help to the impoverished. How about a little media action against governments and religions that keep women in the status of pets, with no control over their lives, let alone how many children they have? Get a haircut, buddy.

chickenhawk said...

I love that the guy on acid is the least deluded person there by a mile! Pretty funny, though I think we'd all have a better time watching you interview these AKC whackos Patrick. Sober or not it would certainly be entertaining!