Wednesday, July 18, 2012

300 Pit Bulls Found in Filth

Every publicity whore in the dog world came out to bemoan one dead Pit Bull in Belfast a few weeks ago, but as I pointed out at the time there were a hundred dogs a day being killed in Ireland and dog rehoming places begging for funds, while nearly a million Pit Bulls a year are killed right here in America.

We hardly need the likes of Victoria Stilwell (or anyone else) flying around the world if they want to do good work for dogs in general, and Pit Bulls in particular.

Of course, if it's just a matter of being a publicity whore, then that's something altogether different isn't it?

Since I wrote those words, in my own County two Pit Bulls attacked a man stepping out of his car, seriously injuring him right in front of his young son. The police shot one of the dogs dead.

Now a dog "rescue" in Montgomery County, Texas has been found with 300 Pit Bulls jammed into crates and cages and covered in filth.

Petco has supplied crates (God bless them) and the Humane Society of the U.S. was called in to help, as it was deemed too big a case for the local Montgomery County Humane Society to deal with.

So how many Pit Bulls will Victoria Stilwell take,  train, rehome, and guarantee as safe?  Ten?  Twenty?    Fifty? 

Remember, this is a woman who flew across the Atlantic for publicity, spending thousands of dollars on airplane fair and hotel accommodations to save a single dog in a country where she does not live.  Now, how much time and money will she spend to save the nearly One Million Pit Bulls killed in this country every year? 

Does she really believe they can all be adopted out?  Is the depth of her ignorance about the Pit Bull problem in America and the Bull Staffie problem in the U.K. really that deep?


Rick said...

The 300 pits were in Montgomery County, TEXAS, near Houston.

The rescue organization, Spindletop, has been around for a while, and had a good reputation. They saved a lot of dogs, mostly pits, after the hurricanes that passed through here a few years ago: Katrina, Rita & Ike. Speculation is that the owner was overwhelmed in recent years.

But I'm more concerned about HSUS & PETA swooping in and taking over. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. I feel bad for the dogs, who are the real victims.

PBurns said...

300 Pit Bull, no waiting, for anyone that wants to adopt one. Dozens down at your local shelter too. Step right up and take them off HSUS's hands or off your local shelter's too. No theory, no politics, no fame. Just lots and lots of dogs.

JBCoop said...

Rick, nowhere do I see that PETA was involved in this raid. HSUS was called in after local HS & animal control was overwhelmed. Your statement that the dogs went from "frying pan into fire" is totally ludicrous. Do you think the dogs should have been left alone? Many people here in this area paid Spindletop &$750+ to take in their unwanted pit that they "thought" they could care for when they aquired the pit as a pet. This was a hoarding scheme disguised as a may have started out with good intentions, but it went awry.

Now former owners of the surrendered pits are feeling guilty about turning in their pits-many are bitching about the HSUS raiding. I wonder how many of the people bitching about the HSUS are lining up to adopt one of the pits?
The animals are better now than they were at Spindletop. Had the owners actually asked to inspect Spindletop before they surrenderd & paid money, they could have seen the evidence that something was wrong--all they wanted was to dump their unwanted pits though--blinders on to the facility itself.

Spindletop is just like the Caboodle ranch raid in FL back in Feb. involving over 700 cats. for the lies and check out for the reality of Caboodle Ranch.

I bet it will come out that Spindletop owners realized they had a problem, but to keep money coming in, they had to keep taking in pits, just like Caboodle Ranch owner did.

And because there is a pit bull OWNER problem in this country, Spindletop had an unlimited supply of idiots & irresponsible pit bull owners to keep the money coming in--all of them lining up to pay upwards of $750.00 per pit

Hats off to Montgomery County AC & HS, & Petco & HSUS & AFF for stopping this hoarder.

Water Over The Dam said...

Pit bull owners paid $750 to have someone take their dogs? Wow... but maybe it is a measure of why there is a tsunami of dead 'bullys'. People "adopt" them because they are fashionable &/or because they are soft-hearted people who go to the pound to rescue a dog, and pit-bull-types are all that is there. When they found they couldn't handle the dog & no one else wanted a pit bull, I guess the $750 seemed to them like the most humane or guiltless way of ridding themselves of it. If Victoria Stilwell isn't a good enough trainer to rescue & train a pit bull she should shut up and go away, "show us the money," Victoria. But unprepared members of the general public should not be "adopting" these type dogs - it seems to just make the problems worse, as in this case.