Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coffee and Provocation

Obama Cares ... and You Can Take That to the Bank
ObamaCare.... Obama cares. Use the term and tell people why.  So many people benefit, you want to make sure the man gets proper credit for what is to be given. Please note that millions of families will now be getting a nice cash rebate from insurance companies ($150 to $800 per family) thanks to ObamaCare. Because Obama cares. >> Read more

Mormons Do Not Help the Poor
(and neither do most religions)
Instead, Mormonism uses the billions of dollars it collects every year to buy fast food franchises and malls, just like Jesus did.  >> Read more

Econonomic Growth Compared to What?
America is bemoaning 1.5 percent economic growth. Anyone check Europe's? It's zero (or less than zero in the EU).  So America is doing better than any other country where you can drink the water or you might care to live, including Japan. Discuss. >>  Read more (PDF)

Romney Is Off to Israel.
Hilarity sure to ensue when he tells them they don't make Jews like planet Kolob Mormon Jesus any more.  This is a man who is so smooth that he almost started a war with the British.  He should have picked the French -- he used to be a Mormon youth missionary in Paris.  Yes, that is how you spell spoiled and entitled.

NRA Versus the U.S. Army?
It seems suicide soldiers are shooting themselves in the head with increasing frequency, and the U.S. military now wants to take away the guns from the the seriously depressed.  The NRA objects.  How about a compromise?  How about if we send the soldiers back home so they won't be so depressed?  How about if the Arny and the NRA both support that?  >> Read more

Ann Romney Feels Your Pain
“I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids. Thank goodness that we value those people too. And sometimes life isn’t easy for any of us.” -- Ann Romney at the Connecticut Republican Party’s Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in Stamford, April 2012

Some Beautiful People

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Seahorse said...

"I love the fact that..." when Ann Romney's horse makes it to the Olympics, her own husband feigns complete disinterest and states he not only doesn't know when the horse's classes are, but he has no intention of watching. If he were my Eternal Marriage Mistake he'd get his own PLANET, you betcha, and my sacred snatch would not be open for business...for all of his blue-balled eternity! HA, Mitt, you sniveling wanker!

Seahorse ;)