Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Graphic For Those Who Are Not Reality Based

Also, Dewey defeated Truman.


Curt said...

"The most trusted name in news" my ass!

They were so eager to beat FOX news to the scoop they jumped the gun and will never live this down. Oh, and BTW, FOX did the same damn thing.

PBurns said...

I put up the picture of Megyn Kelly getting it wrong on Facebook. She really IS the stupidest person on TV, and there's a fair amount of competition!


Seahorse said...

I confess, when you first put up the Fox "News" and CNN screen shots yesterday I didn't realize they were actually real and had been broadcast. I thought it was a funny photoshop. It was only last night that I understood them to be true. In any case, that boner speaks volumes, and none of it is terribly positive.