Friday, May 18, 2012

Coffee and Provocation

Coffee Table Dog Crate:
A pretty good idea if you ask me.

Hunting Mountain Lions with a Frying Pan:
This is the way we roll in America.  But only because the dogs are shit.  Oh, and by the way, the Mountain Lion had rabies.  Yes, that too is the way we roll.  What a country.

Coyotes Are Evolving Fast:
In 200 years the coyote has come East, gotten 50% larger than his Western brethren, and today they exist in startling numbers.

Who You Calling a Neanderthal?
Were dogs the competitive edge for Neanderthals?  Some say.  It's a theory, anyway.

It's Science Damn It!
Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer at the University of California at Santa Barbara investigated the science of coffee spillage and discovered that coffee sloshes back and forth for maximum spillage in the average coffee mug.

Mummify Your Dog?
Yes, there's a company that does that now.

Being Batman:
It's all about the utility belt.  "Worn from shoulder to hip, it carries your smart phone, keys, mp3 player, camera, glasses, snack, wallet – even a water bottle."


Water Over The Dam said...

Coffee table? I thought "end table" and "dog crate" were synonymous. Where else would you put a lamp?

Anton said...

Offtopic: worst mix breed i can imagine pretty much is a pit x lab. 2 totally conflicting genes.