Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Political Odd Jobs and Nut Bags

Spot on Mr. Rorschach!

OBAMA WAS RIGHT! This crazy lady IS a gun grabber! Where is the Republican OUTRAGE?

TED NUGENT FOR MITTENS ROMNEY. Because nothing says patriotism like draft-dodging by shitting in your own pants and wearing them for a week.

AND GOD SAID, "Let there be Chaz" and He saw that it was all Good.



Sam Asciano said...

Just an fyi:

1st link is dead
2nd link takes you to a home page, not the story.
3rd link is dead.

Pre-coffee posting? ;-)


PBurns said...

Pre-coffee, pre-gym, pre-cleaner, pre-work and mostly pre-sleep. Fixed it now though! THANKS!