Friday, April 20, 2012

Funny Every Time



Jenn said...

Duh. Freakin idiots.

Did they take the kid for the shots so he WOULDN'T die?

I'm thinking 'no' 'cause mom says 'you don't die of rabies.' Wow. That's really good to know.

What. Blithering. Idiots.

geonni banner said...

Well, duh...
What did they expect? Squirrels are EVIL. Well, maybe country squirrels aren't, but city squirrels are. Rats in drag, but worse. Rats are more polite.
People get hysterical when they see a rat. And why? Because they have naked tails. Now I ask you... What is wrong with a naked tail? Just because an animal has a cute fluffy tail it's sweet and cute. Arrrgh!

SecondThoughtsOptional said...

Positive punishment at its best. I'm frankly amazed the squirrel put up with it that long!

Seahorse said...

That was a the biggest squirrel I've ever seen. It looked like a freakin' baby groundhog! Beyond hilarious, and reminds me of why I never wanted kids of my own!


T. Laurel Sulfate said...

@Seahorse, I think that's a fox squirrel...and a very tolerant one.

Never thought I'd hear a kid holler for a shot. (-: