Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dog Training Circa 1902

Here's a 1902 film
showing Miss Dundee and her Performing Dogs. This film is 110 years old!  

It's hard to imagine how this was done since, as we all know, "scientific" dog training was invented just a few years ago, and before that no one knew how to train a dog.

Could this film be a fake?  Look carefully.  Is that the edge of H.G. Wells' time machine off to the right?


Water Over The Dam said...

Oh for the days when a poodle was a poodle1 But the terriers have always been "class clown".

Harlton Stone said...

fake or not it's great production. today's software will help you make a new video look old

PBurns said...

Harlton, you missed the sarcasm. This film is indeed 110 years old. There is nothing new in dog training -- only a lot of brand new correspondence school fools with marketing schemes. Same as it ever was....