Friday, March 30, 2012

Fish On Fridays

This is a rotating global map of ocean currents done by NASA.

It's worth taking just a second to think of this amazing, pulsating world.

The ground itself literally boils with activity as worms, groundhogs, moles, fox, and all sorts of insects large and small turn the soil.

The winds sweeps down from the mountains, over the ridges, across the plains, and out into the oceans, pushing waves, large and small, on rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans.

Cold fronts slam into warm fronts, and the energy of a thousand atom bombs is released as rain.

Wildlife migrates over the land, with elephants, wildebeests, zebra, bear, caribou, elk and pronghorn traveling from feeding ground to calving ground, and back again.

In the oceans, a million tons of squid rise and fall with every rise and fall of the moon and the sun, while vast numbers of anchovies, herring, shark, tuna and tarpon circle our ocean basins. Seal, walrus, turtles, whales and even penguins migrate through these water as well.

In the sky, vast flocks of birds fly north to south, with some literally journeying right around the world, summering with polar bears and wintering with lions.

The world boils with life.


Jenn said...

Equally cool -

PBurns said...

Nice! I saw that but could not get it to play on my regular computer, but no problem on the Kindle. Go figure!