Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lassie Could Not Have Done It Better

Donald McGregor age 62, who lives on the isle of Kerrera, off Oban, Argyll, Scotland flipped his car in the dead of night and suffered a punctured lung, a fractured vertebrae and broken ribs while coming down a remote farm track in the dead of night. He probably would have died if his faithful patterdale terrier Zulu, who was unhurt in the crash, had not it raced to Donald's daughter house nearby to get her attention

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seeker said...

Good for Zulu! What a bright dog and what a lucky owner. It sounds like a lovely place to live if you stay healthy.

Hubby was watching the reruns of the Dog Show (during the commercials of the Basketball game)He called me in to see the Parson who's looking remarkably like a Fox Terrier with a prettier head. Oh, well.

Debi and the TX JRTs.