Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee and Provocation

Public Lockable Dog Crates?
What do you do when you have your dog with you, and you want to go into a store?  In Norway, at leas one place has a "Hundehiet" box where you can stick your dog inside until you’re done.   I am not sure I like the idea, for reasons that seem obvious:  abandonment, heat, cold, sanitation.

Here's a List of 20 Ancient Living Things:
The youngest is 2,000 years old, the oldest about 500,000 years old.  And yes, they are all living.

Something Is Brain Damaged
Christie Carr, a 39-year-old woman from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, nursed a partially paralyzed and brain damaged Red Kangaroo back to heath after it suffered a fractured neck, and now the animal shares her bed at night. ‘He’s always stealing my pillow,’ she said.

Three Million Lakes
Canada has at least 3 million lakes.  Other odd geography facts here.

Guns for Less?
A shipment of 86,00 M1 Garands and 770,00 M1 Carbines held by the South Korean military since the Korean war in the 1950s, will soon be coming to the U.S. after an objection by the State Department was overturned.

What Percent Are You?
Want to know where your household income ranks?  Punch in total household income and see.

A Dog Tag for Your Keys?
I have a dog tag on my keys with my cell phone number on it.  This seems like a nice version and you get two numbers, so one tag can actually go on the dog!


Senneca said...

The dog den (hundehiet) appears to be one of a variety of new "dog parking" solutions that have appeared as a consequence of a law that forbids tieing a dog outside a shop (Hundelovens §5 -- trans: Dog Law paragraph 5). See, for example (in Norwegian). That link points to a a company that offers kennels that have a both cooling fan and temperature display,

Seahorse said...

I'm no coffee drinker, but Postum is terrible. OTOH, if it's a way to avoid "brain-fag"...

As usual, too much to take in, but the ancient living creatures were fascinating, though that "underground forest" would have to be explained to me in very small words. In other news of nature, nice to know the shit-hole of my birth has 99% desert! HA!

The lady with the kangaroo (I'm voting wallaby) is whacked and/or that site is a reincarnation of "The Weekly World News", which I desperately miss. It's written in much the same way, and no one from Oklahoma speaks like this: "I would rather move state or country than give him up." (From sidebar link)

Can't believe you didn't include the story about the guy with the huge eel in his trouser trout. I thought you were getting into fly fishing?

Seahorse ;)