Friday, July 21, 2017

A Working Fox Terrier?

Someone wrote to me the other day:

I am interested in a working fox terrier dog puppy or a type of dog similar.... I am interested in hunting foxes and possum. I do have 4 cats. Do you think this would pose a problem?

My answer:

I don't breed dogs or sell them, but recommend you look at Jack Russell Rescue and The JRTCA. Fox terriers do not hunt fox -- they are a show dog. Hunting fox or possum requires you to be able to dig 3-5 feet and carry about 40 pounds of tools with you into the field on a very cold day with ice and snow on the ground. Fox do not go to ground in warm weather. Cats and hunting dogs may or may not get along well -- its depends on the dog and the cats and when and how they are associated. My suggestion is before you get a dog, buy a book on working terriers and contact someone who can show you what it really means to hunt with terriers. There are a number of diggers in Ohio; the JRTCA should be able to give you a name or two.

Of course, I suspect this person is not really interested in a hunting dog. She is interested in the fantasy of hunting.

Rather than have a simple pet terrier, she wants to be able to tell a longer story -- that her dog is from hunting stock.

She knows that when people see her with a dog, the conversation started is always "what kind of dog is that?" and she wants to be able to have an intrepid-sounding answer, and who cares if it's actually true?

I get it.

But no, I am going to be no help if a person has done this little research before they write me.

If you really want a hunting terrier, buy a book and follow directions because, along with a dog, there are tools to buy and a lot to learn if you expect to keep your dog healthy in the field.   Green cash and paper pedigree does not make a dog a working terrier.

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