Friday, November 25, 2011

Once Fit for Function

The modern show ring German Shepherd can barely walk, much less leap over fences. In fact, the American German Shepherd stock is so unfit for function that the U.S. Secret Service will not have them!


geonni banner said...

Not to belittle the athleticism of the German Shepherd Dog here, but did you notice that the dog gained a good bit of loft from the fellow whose back he was leaping from. You can really see it in the slow-motion replays. The guy has his knees bent and as the dog lands on him he straightens up quickly, giving the dog an extra boost.
Would like to see how the dog does jumping without his human trampoline...
Great clip!

Susan said...

What a lovely dog! I had GSDs when I was growing up (years ago) and they were strong, agile dogs like these. I've seen some great clips from British Pathe. Thanks for sharing them.