Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lucky You


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Kenya said...

WOW! puts everything in perspective. We as americans have this notion that we are entitled to the so called"sweet life" and it is in fact owed to us. Nothing could be further from the truth.We are not een promised our next breath, let alone a big house with a pool, and more money than we could spend in a lifetime.
I used to feel that way about life in my teens and early 20's. when reality and health problems set in, everything semed to take on new meaning. Funny how people can't see what's really important until tragedy strikes, isn't it? It makes me a little sad that people can't see past the physical world and realize that there is something bigger thatn themselves out there.
I work in retail, and after witnessing the ugliness of black friday, I went home and read a little out of every philosophical, and religious book I own. People willing to hurt each other over items that they do not even own yet? robbing each other of imaginary currency? Makes me scratch my head.