Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go-to-Ground Lurcher and Hawk

A nice little video from T.S. Wright showing Cog, the Hybrid Falcon, and Loki the Lurcher digging a Jackrabbit out of a hole after a long flight.  

This is real four-species interaction, and real three-species partnership!

Jack Rabbits are actually a type of hare and do not den underground (neither do Cottontail rabbits), but will bolt into a hole if chased in hot pursuit.   I am not sure what made the original hole, but given the area, it would have to be badger, fox or prairie dog I would think.


geonni banner said...

Great video. Lurchers rock! "Poor man's Saluki.
This is a great team.

Jacob said...

if it goes to ground, does that make it a terrier:)

PBurns said...

An honorary terrier. He never quite disappears, but the heart is certainly in the right place!