Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dog Penis Mushroom

The Elegant Stinkhorn fungus (Mutinus elegans) is also called the "dog penis" mushroom, and I had a small line of them yesterday morning in front of the camera trap next to the greenhouse. By evening they were gone. It rained buckets last night, however, so Satuday should be good mushrooming weather!



Unknown said...

I don't think it called Dog Penis Mushroom. A few hours ago I photographed a fungus and was searching for information to identify it -

I thought my photo looks like Mutinus elegans and I found many common names for it, except the mentioned above.

Did you come up with the name yourself? Be honest.

PBurns said...

All of the stink horns look a bit alike. The red ones are commonly called “Dog Penis mushrooms”. See and