Friday, September 30, 2011

Bulldogs as Mascots? Why?

The Mississippi State Bulldogs face off against the University of Georgia Bulldogs, and ESPN has this unfortunate title:

Only one Dog can survive this one

Actually with a face so brachycephaic there is no room for a tongue, and with an airway smashed and corkscrewed, I am not sure either of these two canine mascots will be alive too long. 

Why would anyone select an animal mascot that is deformed, defective and on the verge of being defeated before it even walks on the field? 

If an American team wants a dog that suggests speed, brains, fearlessness, tenacity and grit, kick the English Bulldog to the curb, and embrace the American Pitbull. 


lance said...

I think the bulldog these teams are named for is the generic working american bulldog (basically an uber pitt) or the old english bulldogge (uber pit with slightly more undershot jaw).In other words the bulldog from Jack London's White Fang. Numerous UGA's have died of heatstroke over the years (according to my sources in the veterinary community). How the wretched and disgusting creature schelped to morons for $2000-$3000 a piece came to be is beyond me. I have seen people spend $6000 in vet bills on one of these quasimotos in less then 2 years culminating in death by heatstroke after a 2 block run on an 85 degree day. I sit down an explain top them that if it is an english bulldog IT CANNOT BE HEALTHY OR LIVE A NORMAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Then they show up with a new quasimoto deux a few weeks later, morons. I truly think that every time a person is cught intentionally breeding these monstrocities they should have 4 digits of their choice amputated. I just can't understand what people find desirable about these creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly I hate to see them in the lobby of the clinic because even though I know it means fat commission it also means angry owners because I can never clear their skin problems, fix their orthopedic deformities, make them breath efficiently and not aspirate monthly or resolve the various ticks and seizures completely. OK rant over for now!

Viatecio said...

As good as your intentions are (and I fully agree with you, by the way), people's perception of "healthy" is flawed.

After all, the dog hasn't had a cough or taken an antibiotic in its life! It MUST be healthy and worthy of ownership and/or passing on its genes.

I mentioned the word "bulldog" and "soft palate resection" in the same sentence on day at work (as a vet tech) and the vet all but gave me the stink-eye and told me to NEVER get a bulldog. I replied that I couldn't be persuaded to own one if it came with a winning lottery ticket. No way.

The masses who consider this dog to be the epitome of "cute" or "tough" or anything in between, sicken me.