Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chew Toy Survivors

This is Lucy -- a picture taken tonight with the camera phone showing two of of the chew toys that have survived her pretty strong jaws.

Lucy only likes the rubber dumbbell a little, which is what it is still intact, but she LOVES the Galileo bone which she will spend hours chewing on and which has survived a lot of serious dental attack.

The Galileo Bone is heavy -- so heavy that if she drops it on the floor, it sounds like a hammer has been dropped. I think if she were to drop her bone on my bare toe, it might break a digit. That said, whatever it is that makes this bone so heavy is also what makes it Pit Bull Strong.

Highest recommendation for the Galileo Bone as a Pit Bull chew toy that will go the distance and which this dog, at least, loves quite a lot! 

The wear you see here is all the damage she has been able to do in 8 months. 

A Kong survives about a day with this dog and cannot be left in a crate with her for fear she will break off a piece and swallow it.  No danger of that happening with the Galileo bone!


Jenn said...

I'll be looking for one of those. I've a chewer like that. I'm very glad she likes the dental/nyla bones I've found for her, but she does go through them.

Anton said...

How big are the shavings with her nylabone? My dog hsa the same one but he gets pretty big (and sharp!) shavings of of it.

PBurns said...

Not much. Lucy weighs about 55 pounds so she is no demon-sized Hell Hound.

SandyLakies said...

My Lakeland terrier has also destroyed the red Kong, but the Black Kong for destructive chewers has held up very well.

Have you tried the black kong?

He also likes the flatties. Toys that he can fling, tug, and chew that have no stuffing. Once the squeakers have been "killed" and removed, they last a long time.

Jen said...

Wow. Out of the numerous pit bull fosters I've had, I've never had one work that much off of a Galileo! Glad to see she has a safe outlet for her chewing!

dalriach said...

I give my puppies deer antlers to chew. Cost nothing and last for years. Roe deer antlers for small puppies, red deer antlers for older puppies and adult dogs. Indestructible

PBurns said...

A Lakeland just cannot put in the bite that a Pit can -- a function both of size and head width which correlates to bite strength. A big black Kong costs a lot and lasts only a day or two with Lucy. A red kong lasts forever with the Jack Russells.

Jenn said...

Anton - my dog is paring off pieces about the size of rice. She's a Patterdale.

Jenn said...

I was thinking about the big dogs and the pieces they are creating when they chew.

The dogs are actually doing a little knapping. Arrowheads are not good to ingest!

mina said...

I just recently found your blog. As a responsible owner of two loving pit bulls I find your honesty and point blank, in your face style just awesome.

I have had some recent bad experiences with the "wrong kind" of pit bull owners and I wonder what needs to be done to help the breed and make the world safe from the poorly adjusted owners who encourage bad behavior.

What are your thoughts about

pit bull ownership/breeding regulation (I have read many of your blog entries about it already)
enforcement of STRONG anti-cruelty and vicious dog ordinances?

Laura Prowicz, Chicago area IL

Mark Kohler n' Lucy Dawg said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and couldn't get over the resemblance between your Lucy and my Lucy dawg -- also a pit mix. If you'd like to see my Lucy, check out

PBurns said...

Very much alike!