Sunday, July 17, 2011

Losing Nature

“Worldwide we are estranged from nature.  Over half of the world’s population is now urbanised which means that more than one person in two is to some degree cut off from the natural world. There will be some people who do not see a wild creature from one day to the next – unless it is a rat or a pigeon – and they aren’t wild.... If you are not very careful, the natural world is something you do on your holidays – you visit a nature reserve in the summer here or overseas and that is the end of it. But it is not like that. The natural world is around us all the time in our houses and gardens. And it is not just a question of standing back and looking at it in a passive way; it is about getting involved in an active way and that transforms your attitude.”
. . . . - Sir David Attenborough

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3Laiki said...

My brother (who obviously shared a childhood with me in the sticks) now lives in New York. One early morning on his walk to the train he witnessed a cluster of people around a curb drain. He was very amused to discover that they were earnestly discussing the identity of a creature there - a RACCOON! Some honestly had no idea.