Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coffee and Provocation

Maryland has approved a type of birth control for deer at $1,000 a pop.  No worries -- the state says it cannot imagine it ever being used, not only because of the cost, but because it makes the deer meat a potential health hazard.  To be clear, hunting of all kinds is a money-maker for the state in the form of both license fees and taxation of goods and services, as well as a source of millions of pound of meat. Birth control for deer, on the other hand, is a massive tax loss and a waste of meat.   Access to Gonacon, the deer birth control, will be sharply restricted by license.  Think zoo populations, not open range.

A dachshund wearing chain mail: because you know this dog rocks the look and needs the protection. 

Charles Dickens had a cat named Bob, and when it died he had a paw cut off and turned into a letter opener.  Taxidermists could make money doing this with dogs, I think.

Ever wonder what it looks like inside a black bear's dirt den?  Here are the pictures.  Not said:  black bears mostly live on acorns and other mast in the Eastern U.S., and the large trees that provide the nuts also tend to supply the dens.  Yep:  most black bears den in hollow trees, and often pretty high up where they remain dry and warm.  Dirt dens often fail on both accounts -- just ask any groundhog or fox.

Stetson® Hats Suck.  That is not a question -- it is a statement of fact.  I used to think well of the company until they sent this letter out to this fellow.  Of course, he had the last laugh with some small hilarity ensuing.  Added bonus:  the article is going everywhere.

Foreign Orchestras on tour in the U.S are little more than immigration frauds with reeds and brass mouthpieces.  The New York Times explains.

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Jenn said...

The chain mail is cute, but does the owner have any idea how much that stuff pulls hair? Poor puppy.