Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Am Clearly Not Hardcore Enough

This tattoo was put up by Jonathan on Facebook, and I think it shows a tattoo from one of his friends in South Africa.  Wow!

And yes, when spanning a terrier, you want your fingers to truly overlap, preferably with a full overlap of a joint or two.


Seahorse said...

Patrick, don't be a piker. You get the tat, I'll buy ya lunch!

Seahorse ;)

Jonathan Setter said...

hey Pat. the terrier is 3 legged Eddie and is a "she" not a "he". Really nice work and a great tribute to a dog. Nice that you are writing again as well. keep it up. J

PBurns said...

I did see teh nips, so the he/she thing is simply me being sloppy, and I did notice the lack of the leg on the bottom, but I thought that was a function of bad art (though all of the rest of it is perfect!) Even more hardcore!