Friday, March 25, 2011

This is a Protection and Guarding Breed?

Is this a hippo or a dog?
  And no it's not photoshop, it's not a photo taken by somone with an anti-Neopolitan mastiff agenda, and it's not a "bad specimen" of the breed.  In fact this photo is from a top breeder of Neos, and is displayed on the breeder's web site to show the quality of the dogs offered for sale.  More photos below. 

The dog, above, is three years and six months old.  At this age, he should be in prime form as a guard and protection dog.  But is this dog built to intimidate?  Can this dog outrun anyone? Can it leap up and grab anyone by the throat?  It is even capable of walking all the way around the perimeter of a suburban house at a slow pace?

This dog was feature in a Harry Potter movie and this picture is featured on the breeder's web site as an example of his breeding success.  

A small question:  If a cherry-eyed dog that can barely see and barely breathe is the model of success in the guarding and protection game, how come we never see these features, or this breed, used for protection or guard service by police, military or private security contractors anywhere in the world?

And what about the dogs here in America?  Are they any better?   The picture, below, is from the web site of the United States Neopolitan Mastiff Club, and so I suppose this cherry-eyed dog is thought to be ideal?

And what about in Italy? 
The name "Mario Querci" is a top name in Neos, and goes back to the beginning of the breed and right up through to the modern era (1950-1990) with 50 world champion titles.  Querci is dead now, but here we see the best of the breed in Italy competing for the "Mario Querci Trophy."  Watch the breathing of these dogs after they walk around a ring! This is what "success" looks like in this breed.

More pictures at Jemima Harrison's Pedigree Dogs Exposed blog here and here.


Romany Dog said...

Trotting around a show ring sure is an asinine waste of time. Just my personal opinion. LOL

Seahorse said...

I lasted 1:44 into the video and had to turn it off. There is SO much wrong here, where to begin? I'm reminded of an American Bulldog that a "trainer" at my local Petco has there every day. He's a scant year old and already has the terrible front limb conformation, fetlocks failing to hold his weight and buckling inward. He has already worn the hair off the insides of his failing feet and lumbers around like he's 90 years old. Only with less grace. I have the same POS breed living next door to me and his untrained, ill-temper keeps me concerned about my own. Call me harsh, but there are entire "breeds" I would wipe out with the wave of my magic wand if I was queen. BLEECH! Nasty brutes.


Viatecio said...

The cow hocks on that chocolate at 1:30 (if that's the appropriate term for the color "brown" in this breed) Neo just about had me. What is that thing doing in the ring?!

I've said it before: I have no doubt that these dogs have good temperaments and the people who have them as pets get some genuine enjoyment out of them. But you'd never convince me that these dogs are functional, nor that the loose skin holds any use other than simply looking...well..."pretty" in the show ring. Intimidating guard dogs? Not these dogs, not even with their cropped ears.

Given the choice, I'd take a Cane Corso or a Dogue de Bordeaux over these dogs, even with all the problems plaguing THEM. Can't win ANYTHING health-wise with most molossers!

alfmcmalf said...

Apparently the Neapolitan has another function. That of soft core porn accessory

Now I feel really sick.


PBurns said...

Ah well, if that's the best they can do with people, no wonder the dog looks a wreck. There are some lovely people in the world and some lovely honest working dogs too, and sometimes they show up in the same frame. They're not on this list (at least not yet). Sweden has at least on looker who digs! And the woman in that photo is not bad either, ;-)


Viatecio said...

Ew, AlfMcMalf....

Did anyone bother to tell those women that their boobs will look like the faces on those dogs when they hit, say 80 or 90?

I see foreshadowing, not anything meant to look pretty...but that's just me.

At least horses still look pretty, if the whole point of the picture is a little bit "off," so to speak. (Careful: Pic might not be SFW)